FAQs About Junkcarss, Cash For Junk Cars In Palm Beach County


At JunkCarss.com, we buy just about anything for cash. Notably we buy: cars, motorcycles, rv’s and motorhomes, dirt bikes, atv’s, boats, wave runners, jet ski’s and just about anything with wheels! If your not sure, call us today or click on the chat window to the right to talk to us live!

Typically for cars, motor homes, motorcycles and anything street legal you would need an official title, or power of attorney that says you are authorized to sell the property you’d like to sell. If unsure, again, contact us asap!

You bet we do! For larger ticket items we usually make arrangements with you to meet us at the bank or we’ll send a bank wire to complete the purchase! But typically its always cold hard cash!

You bet we are! We are open 7 days a week and do after hour calls all the time. If you work during the day and cannot meet with us, please contact us today to set up an appointment!